Posted by: Green Knight | March 3, 2010

Daily Booger Report

Note to readers:  ALWAYS have a box of surgical gloves handy (get vinyl or something other than latex to avoid allergies, and non-powdered if collecting samples.)  Over the last 24 hours I’ve had to clean three cat boxes and a pet rescue crate (TWICE) for Alfie the rescue kitty.  Then, taking out an old cat box with dirty litter to the dumpster, the bag tore at the bottom, so I had to sweep five flights of stairs and landings.  Sure wish I still had a respirator with HEPA filters.  Then, while unpacking groceries, I noticed that the half-gallon of Lactaid that I stock for Roscoe, the other rescue kitty, was a leaker, so I triple-bagged it for a return run to the store tomorrow.  I don’t mind dealing with spills, chills, and thrills, but I’d rather be getting paid for it.

I’ll be posting further misadventures here as they occur.  DON’T LET THIS HAPPEN TO YOU!!!



  1. it’s time around my cave for spring cleaning. a chisel to get up the fossilized cat vomit is in order. but beware of mixing cleaning products! rule #1 is to never mix bleach with anything else. rule #1 1/2 is to always read the label first, and have adequate ventilation. don’t panic and throw out everything under yer kitchen and bathroom sinks, just read the friggin’ label and follow instructions.

  2. well, OK, i was over-ambitious when i called it a daily report. but it sounded so cool! i just got my cat Ziffy spayed, and dealing with the recovery has left me a bit frazzled, but she’s doing great!

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