Posted by: Green Knight | March 17, 2010


i joined SETI@home the other day. it’s a long-standing program whereby people can let their spare processing time be used by the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence project, hooked up to the Arecibo radio telescope array in Puerto Rico. SETI was started by Frank Drake (famous for the Drake Equation) and Carl Sagan (Mr. X), and looks for intelligible signals from out there. it serves as a cool 3-D screen saver, too.

i’ve always been a science-fiction fan, but despite great classics like Arthur C. Clarke’s “Childhood’s End,” where friendly aliens come and save us from ourselves, we can’t just sit on our thumbs and wait for outside help. war, hunger, overpopulation, and environmental problems all go hand in hand, inextricably linked, and if we’re going to address these Malthusian issues, we need to do it ourselves. i’ve been celebrating Earth Day since the original in 1970, but it seems to have turned into an excuse for a picnic more than anything else. being concerned is just the first step; one then must become informed, otherwise priorities get skewed. some hazards are easy to spot, while others are worse but less noticeable. that’s why i try to share info.


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