Posted by: Green Knight | March 24, 2010

Radon via Radio

there have been some problems accessing the broadcast on CasaVerde, because i just created this site at the time, and being a ham-handed clown, i’m not so good yet at posting links. but if you go to what i’ll put here, you can hear me hogging media time.



  1. i listened to the podcast again yesterday, and noticed a thing or two. when DeAnna asked me to discuss my background, i didn’t mention that i worked for Greenpeace, or as a state hazardous waste inspector, or as an environmental safety and health trainer for 20 years. instead, i mentioned earthquake zones. what was i smoking? LOL

    actually, i mentioned that for a reason, but we never got to it in the discussion; there was just too much info to cover. the reason i mentioned fault zones is that where the bedrock is cracked, you can get pretty high levels of radon (and other gases) coming up into structures.

    also, a major danger after a quake is FIRE. gas mains rupture, and water mains rupture so firefighters have no pressure to put out the fires, etc., and i was already thinking about water heaters due to DeAnna’s opening statements on carbon monoxide. in quake country, savvy people strap their water heaters to the wall with metal banding tape, which can help keep it from toppling and breaking the natural gas feed line.

    that’s not a carbon monoxide issue, but it’s a keep-from-getting-blown-up issue. when i teach safety, i tend to bring in related material. radon has long-term chronic effects, carbon monoxide can kill you pretty quickly (acute effect), but a gas leak can make house go BOOM all in an instant. i’m used to teaching for 8 hours, so restricting myself to a half-hour show is a bit of a challenge for me.

    i appreciate DeAnna and Dana putting up with my freeform style, and i’ll be more structured for the CO show. well, i’ll TRY.

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