Posted by: Green Knight | April 1, 2010


i urge all my participants to check out this website:

it’s the US Chemical Safety and Hazard Investigation Board, founded as part of the 1986 CERCLA (Superfund law) amendments, which were prompted by the Bhopal incident at the Union Carbide plant in India. the CSB is not an enforcement agency, but rather an advisory one like the NTSB (National Transportation Safety Board), and they have some great videos of disasters, responses, and reconstructive analyses.



  1. an interesting video is the one on the explosion at the Imperial Sugar plant in Port Wentworth, Georgia, in 2008. no “hazardous chemicals” were involved, it was just the right amount of sugar floating in the air, what’s known as a combustible dust explosion. sawdust, titanium dioxide paint pigment, anything that can be oxidized will explode if the dispersion ratio is right. physical hazards can kill you quicker than others, usually.

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