Posted by: Green Knight | April 6, 2010

mining disasters

100 coal miners in China survive after a WEEK trapped underground…that is just miraculous! but out of about 30 coal miners in West Virginia (where nothing ever happens), 25 are killed in a methane explosion. i taught MSHA courses (that’s OSHA’s sister agency, the Mine Safety & Health Administration), albeit only the surface mining classes, but i have an interest in the underground stuff too. mining is extremely dangerous work. and conducting rescue operations is extremely difficult, as i just reminded my friends on a firefighter website. even so-called “clean coal” isn’t clean if it’s got blood on it.



  1. i’m a caver, and a college kid came up with a way for people underground to text the surface team; sure could help trapped miners.

  2. i copied MSHA on this technique, and got a surprisingly rapid and nice comment from David Chirdon at the Mine Safety & Health Administration. they’ve already looked at this method, and are considering how it might be adapted and integrated into mining applications. i want to thank Craig Williams, my cave archaeology pal, for turning me on to it in the first place.

  3. damn, the other 4 miners are dead too.

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