Posted by: Green Knight | April 10, 2010

household safety

if you listened to the radio show with DeAnna, you heard me mention smoke detectors and carbon monoxide ones. here in the US it’s a standard recommendation from the fire department to put a new battery in the smoke detector twice a year, when daylight savings time starts and ends. but hey, what about visiting the hardware store and getting a FIRE EXTINGUISHER? if you can put it out yerself, it saves everybody time and effort. get one for the car as well (i haven’t had wheels for 14 years, but engine fires aren’t any fun either).

since i grew up in earthquake country, and now live on top of another major fault, it’s a good idea to have a kit ready. a few gallons of distilled water are never a bad thing to have handy. prepare for the worst-case scenario and leave the paranoia behind. out in the garage, have a big bucket of clumping kitty litter, even if you don’t have cats (although everybody should). this will help clean up any spills of oil or most other basic automotive chemicals.

have a radio that runs on batteries as well as wall current in case the power goes out. strap the water heater to the wall with metal banding tape so as to reinforce it in case of an earthquake, otherwise you have a broken natural gas line, and thus a fire or a big f*ckin’ kaboom, a BFK as the firefighters say.

also have an escape route and practice an evacuation a couple of times a year. this is something they should be doing at your job, too.

hope this helps.


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