Posted by: Green Knight | April 12, 2010

Animal Rescue

There are some organizations i support that y’all might be interested in learning about. Kinky Friedman, country music artist, author, and candidate for Texas agriculture commissioner, runs the Utopia Animal Rescue Ranch, a noble endeavor. my pal Randy Grim runs Stray Rescue of St. Louis. and there’s the Clowder House Foundation, a retirement home for cats whose people can no longer care for them. all three are on Facebook and have websites. then there are a couple of places that provide care for retired circus elephants. there’s even Mrs. Tiggywinkle’s, a place in England that rescues injured hedgehogs. the list goes on; find a shelter in your area and donate or volunteer.

there’s also the Animal Rescue site at, where every day you can click the purple button to donate food for free to shelters across the country. right now they have a contest going on to give sponsored donations to animal shelters. check it out, if you care about our furry and feathered friends as i do!


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