Posted by: Green Knight | April 17, 2010

proposed TSCA overhaul

The Toxic Substances Control Act of 1976 is sort of a grab-bag for testing existing and new chemicals for safety, and covers everything but pesticides, which are covered by a clone called FIFRA.  It requires toxicology tests on existing chemicals to decide if they can continue to be included in products sold to the general public, or if they need to be used only by registered outfits, or if they’re too unsafe and should be banned.  For new chemicals, tests need to be conducted and an EPA review done prior to sale.  Title I of TSCA set up this system, and also banned PCBs (polychlorinated biphenyls), which were used as temperature regulators in transformers and hydraulic oil…PCBs are very similar in molecular structure to DDT and dioxin.  Title II of TSCA set up bans for the use of asbestos, and ties in with the Clean Air Act for asbestos abatement procedures.  Title III provided funding (sadly, that dried up about 20 years ago) for state health departments to conduct county-by-county surveys for radon in housing, but didn’t provide any regulations or cleanup guidelines (are you listening, Dana and DeAnna?).  Title IV created a similar set of cleanup procedures for lead-based paint, but that program is all fouled up by not meshing as well as it could with OSHA and HUD regulations and guidelines (a Charlie Foxtrot, as they say in the military).

There are proposed bills in the House and Senate that would tighten up and give some balls to TSCA, and I’m not going to print the whole article here. If interested, go to

Conservatives will be screaming about unfunded mandates as usual.  My take on it is that we HAVE the funding, but we’re wasting it overseas.  Bring our boys and girls home, and let the CIA infiltrate and topple the Taliban (they’re good at that sort of thing), and let Iraq sort ITSELF out.  And give Halliburton and Blackwater the boot, or at least a pay cut.  There’s my little rant for the morning.  Hope y’all have a good one.


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