Posted by: Green Knight | April 20, 2010


i see a lot of stuff about “greening” the workplace. do they recycle? CAN they recycle? it’s amazing how much glass gets thrown out by bars and restaurants, but they just don’t have the storage space for closed containers to comply with health department regulations. aluminum’s no problem; there are plenty of scavengers out there who go dumpster-diving.

but what about “safeing” the workplace, so to speak? how many of you do mock disaster responses, or even good old fashioned fire drills like we did in school? (that’s not a bad idea to do at home, either.) how many of you have taken First Aid/CPR? how many keep it current? OSHA likes everyone to have had it, and at least one person per crew to keep it up to date. when i taught First Aid, i not only did the Red Cross stuff but also the Green Cross, which is the National Safety Council’s program. ironically, “Green Cross” was also the nickname for chloropicrin, a chemical warfare agent.



  1. also ironic is that on April 22, 1915 (coincidentally, we celebrate Earth Day on April 22), poison gas was first used in World War I by Germany.

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