Posted by: Green Knight | April 23, 2010

New Visitors and Compost

nobody’s logged in from the research stations in Antarctica yet, as far as i can tell. nice to see Northern Ireland on here, though. now, if i can only get Madagascar and Sri Lanka…my blog competitor has all the continents, so i’m trying to get all the islands.

i now live in a “security building” where i can’t recycle or do the other things that come “naturally.” i miss the house i used to live in where i had my compost heap…it’s amazing how much stuff you don’t have to trundle out to the dumpster if you have that back corner of the yard for all the veggie waste and yard clippings. i never even turned it, i just let nature do its thing. and i always had good compost for the tomato plants. i even put hair from my hairbrush in there for the nitrogen content. just don’t use any animal-derived stuff and your pile will do fine.


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