Posted by: Green Knight | April 25, 2010

World Malaria Day

Sunday, April 25th.  I’ve always done my best to avoid pesticides whenever possible, but in certain circumstances they’re needed.  The program to reintroduce DDT for bed-netting in Africa I can support.  It’s just that we used to use that stuff so indiscriminately that it ended up everywhere, and nearly wiped out the bald eagle and other raptors.  Kids in the US used to ride their bicycles behind the spray trucks to keep cool in summertime.  The other thing is that insects develop resistances to pesticides rapidly, and the solution in the past was to just USE MORE.  If we can put our thinking caps on and stop being such dunderheads, we could solve some of these problems.  It just takes a long-term perspective, and we tend to have rather short attention spans.



  1. oh, i found out about malaria day from an outfit called Care2, which does petitions and education on environmental, animal, and social justice issues. check them out on Facebook:

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