Posted by: Green Knight | May 5, 2010

OSHA Training

I taught the Hazwoper (Hazardous Waste Operations & Emergency Response) course for 20 years, the lead abatement stuff for 15, asbestos for 10, and radiation and mold courses for close to 10.  OSHA has just come out with a new policy, which i saw on their “Quick Takes” web page, that these and other safety classes need to be available in people’s first language.  I applaud that decision heartily!  I used to be fluent in Spanish, and still get by in it if I scrape off the rust, but my ex-client, after hearing me speaking that language to a student in the hallway, promptly started giving me all the Mexicanos and Central Americans, which was fine, but for some idiotic reason also gave me all the Koreans, and I don’t speak a word of that tongue.  People are weird, and no wonder I don’t work for that clown anymore.

My big word in safety training is COMMUNICATIONS, and if there’s a language gap, crevasse, declivity, or what have you, people get hurt.  So this long-overdue approach from OSHA is something I can get totally behind.  I also like the administration’s idea for giving cleanup jobs to the people most affected by the gusher in the Gulf.  I’m also enthused that I finally got a visitor to my page from New Zealand…a friend of mine has a kazillion visits from the continents, so I’m trying to get all the islands.  Have a safe and healthy day, folks!


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