Posted by: Green Knight | May 13, 2010

kiddies & locked cabinets

i try to lead a low-impact life. haven’t had a car in 14 years. i walk most places, or take the bus when i must. i have no kids (that i’m aware of), but i have 4 rescue cats. but if you MUST contribute to the gene pool, and name it Heather or Shannon or Ryan or Dakota, please do yourself a favor and keep any iron pills, the nutritional supplement types, in a high enough cabinet that the small fry can’t get at ’em. they apparently are tasty to the young’uns, and carpet crawlers have DIED from getting an OD of iron.

while i’m on the kid topic, go to the hardware store and get a cheap test kit for lead. don’t just test paint…they put lead in varnish and other clearcoats as well, and even in wood stain. if you test positive, don’t PANIC. people have made a bad situation a million times worse by dry-scraping the paint, or hiring unqualified bozos to do the same. eating paint chips, because they taste sweet, is a secondary and controllable exposure route. the main and insidious pathway is inhaling that microscopic lead dust that you can’t even SEE, and if you dry-scrape paint, you’re creating legions of particles that will help make the next generation even dumber than we are. we in the US elected the dumbest guy we could find as President (well, W was really “elected” by the Supreme Court), maybe because Joe Sixpack doesn’t want anyone in charge who’s smarter than he is. imagine a nation of lead-poisoned retards, the most powerful country on earth, searching for a candidate on their level. i shudder at the prospect. federal funding for the lead problem comes and goes, but WE must act one household at a time.


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