Posted by: Green Knight | May 14, 2010

Climate Change

the idiotheads (or is that dittoheads) will be all over this one, because they just read the headline and not the article. the IPCC is undergoing a UN review for an error in forecasting the projected date of the demise of a glacier in the Himalayas in a 2007 report. guess what, folks? climatology involves so many variables that exactitude is impossible. it’s like telling yourself that you’ll do the laundry on Thursday, but you end up waiting until Saturday. it’s still gonna get done, because you’ll eventually run out of clean items with which to garb yourself. that glacier will still be gone soon, just maybe not on the sell-by date. you can find the BBC article here:



  1. “climatology involves so many variables that exactitude is impossible.”

    So why were they telling us that we have only so many years to adopt a Cap&Trade system or we all die? Why was there such a rush and pressure put on everyone to hurry, if exactitude is impossible? This is one of the reasons why Cap&Trade is dead in the USA. The greens said to hurry it’s almost too late, but when we said show us the evidence, they went all wishy washy on us and started saying things like exactiude is impossible, etc. etc. It damaged your own crdibility, and now almost no one listens to anything the green environmentalists say anymore. Nice work. You’ve doomed us all.

  2. well, Klem, would you rather your doctor told you that you were going to die on Friday afternoon or on Monday morning? me, i’d rather have the weekend to party and not have to show up for work. doom is where you find it and how you define it. some people are obviously living on waste gases already.

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