Posted by: Green Knight | May 28, 2010


damn, i forgot to mention Rachel Carson’s birthday yesterday. i’ve been a bit busy taking my cats to the vet and stuff. some hardcore conservatives i know say Rachel killed more people than Hitler (the malaria argument). she never advocated banning DDT, or any other pesticides. she recognized the importance of fighting malaria, but advocated against overapplication of pesticides in agriculture. i know people who, as kids, would ride their bicycles behind the DDT trucks on hot summer days, because the spray kept you cool. i’m glad we’re better-informed and protected these days, aren’t you?



  1. In our neighborhood, the kids would run into the fog behind the trucks—nobody ever told us NOT TO! I didn’t know that was DDT!

    They sprayed in the Mid-West for mosquitoes; you grew up in California, no? What were they spraying for there—surely not mosquitoes … ?

    Glad you posted the note on Rachel Carson. I worry that the pioneers in one generation are completely forgotten by the next.

  2. WOW never heard of riding behind those trucks—Maybe not a Vermont thing–Sounds like a blast as a kid though–

  3. it wasn’t a California phenomenon, unless maybe in the Central Valley; i heard about it once i moved to St. Louis.

  4. ah, i discover that they used it in the 1950s to kill flies, incorrectly thought to be vectors for polio. so it was probably used everywhere.

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