Posted by: Green Knight | October 2, 2010

Feral Cat Day

For those of you in the US, October 16th is National Feral Cat Day.  I hope my international readers also give a shit about the kitties.  2 doors down from me is a complex of long-vacant commercial buildings with a (fortunately) small population of feral cats.  I’m working up a plan to do what’s known as a TNR, or “trap, neuter, and return” event.  They stay where they’re comfortable after it’s done, but don’t breed more.  They keep the pigeons down in my neighborhood, for sure.

A businessman in the immediate neighborhood had been making friends with one of the ferals, a little black & white boy barely out of kittenhood.  It takes a while to build trust when you’re a feral cat.  But they were establishing a pretty good relationship, and Howard had hopes of eventually taking the little guy home and adopting him.  However, he hadn’t seen the kitty in a few weeks…and a former employee of his who lives in the neighborhood sadly informed him that two local “youths” had killed the kitten with a brick and left it between a couple of houses nearby.

I will have me a half-brick in a sock, the Englishman’s alley weapon, to guard against such future transgressions.  There may be some dented skulls resultant.  Cats are especially vulnerable targets for such torture and maltreatment around Halloween, so PLEASE keep yours indoors, and be on the lookout for the strays!  If  i never get a scientific paper published, i will at least feel better if i have my readers helping to protect the strays.  We domesticated them, so we owe them proper treatment, dammit.  Are you with me? (the right answer is YES)



  1. Also just finished a 1982 book “Maverick Cats: encounters with feral cats” by Ellen Perry Berkeley, which looks at the situation worldwide and from many angles, including the author’s personal anecdotes and a plethora of scientific studies since the 1940s, and a strong case is made for TNR as the main management method.

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