Posted by: Green Knight | November 2, 2010

Fraudulent Asbestos Trainer Apprehended

Over the years, I’ve seen many “licensed” trainers provide fewer than the required number of hours of safety training for environmental workers. Sometimes they do no training at all, merely “selling” certificates. Here’s an example of one who did just that for illegal aliens, from EPA’s website. Beware if you hire contractors that don’t have the proper paperwork; you could go down with them.

Albania Deleon

* On November 19, 2008, Deleon was convicted in Federal District Court, District of Massachusetts, on twenty-eight felony charges related to her role as President of Environmental Compliance Training (ECT), a certified asbestos training provider.
* Deleon, through ECT, issued fraudulent asbestos training certificates to hundreds of individuals who did not complete the training mandated by state and federal law.
* Deleon and others significantly benefited from the illegal enterprise by selling fraudulent training certificates and making false statements to the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Additionally, she employed the fraudulently licensed workers through her temporary employment agency, Methuen Abatement Staffing.
* An arrest warrant was issued for Deleon for violating post-trial release conditions. She additionally failed to appear for her sentencing hearing that was scheduled for March 23, 2009.
* Deleon is a naturalized United States Citizen who is originally from the Dominican Republic.
* On October 30, 2010, she was arrested in the Dominican Republic and is currently in custody awaiting extradition to the United States.


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