Posted by: Green Knight | December 2, 2010

Pb and BP

re: my previous post on lead in kid’s products: Canada has just lowered their standard for anything that can be in contact with a kid’s mouth (not just toys, but sports and musical-instrument mouthpieces, etc., which is more comprehensive than US categories) from 600 mg/kg to 90. US Consumer Product Safety Commission standards were 600, are now 300 as of last year, and are to be changed to 100 in 2011. Our friends in the Great White North have always had the luxury of learning from our environmental mistakes, being a bit behind us in terms of exploiting resources, because of the smaller population, slower to get started on industrial development, and – oh yes – the WEATHER, but I also like to think it’s because they’re just mellower. (that’s been my experience when traveling up there, anyhoo…i love the hosers.) Canada has also extended its standard to include imported products.

[For the less scientifically inclined, 300 mlligrams per kilogram (mg/kg) = 300 parts per million (ppm) = 0.03 per cent (%), all by weight.] But having standards on the books, while making the common herd think the problem’s solved, is ineffectual if the budget isn’t there for inspectors and labs to make sure the standards are being met. The customs officers need training to recognize leaded items as well as drugs, eh?

That’s the Pb part of this post. The BP part is a two-parter. We just had ANOTHER oil-rig explosion in Gulf environs, the second since Deepwater Horizon. Hooray! Don’t say I didn’t warn ya. But what I’m on about this time is that, while horrible economic times are causing people to abandon or dump beloved pets at overstuffed shelters already, all over the US, it’s even worse in the Gulf states due to the economic aftermath of the spill. My awareness of this was heightened by a report from my favorite online veterinarian, Dr. Becker, which I’ll post on a comment immediately after this main diatribe…for some reason I still can’t post links in the main post. Here’s my query on this:

Why NOT make part of the BP settlement go to providing much-needed funds to animal shelters in the areas they trashed? And if that’s not enough (which it won’t be…those places are all over capacity in “normal” circumstances already), to PAY to construct new, large-capacity no-kill shelters down there? Might be just enough time to get some petitions going on Care2 and, and to e-mail your legislators before the lame-duck session of Congress is over and the Tea weirdos take over…at least to get the issue on the table for next session. I just thunk of this today in the early hours, and already have a couple of supporters for the concept. Please add your voice and think if there are any strategies we can use to make it happen. Share, dammit! I get lots of hits but virtually no feedback, and that’s irksome. My ego can take not getting comments, but i hope all of you who are reading this stuff at least take the time to THINK and then (the necessary 2nd step) ACT. i see a better world ahead, i just wonder if we’ll be on it.



  1. Dr. Becker’s comments are to be found at:

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