Posted by: Green Knight | December 28, 2010

Furry New Year!

If I haven’t mentioned it before, I do volunteer work with animal rescue groups here in town, including Stray Rescue of St. Louis and Bi-State Pet Food Pantry. Both of them have pages on Facebook, as do the others I’m about to mention (I just created one for Green Knight Environmental, too!).

Another rescue group just came to my attention, based near Denver, called Wishcuit (rhymes with “biscuit”), who do good work related to canine cancer. They put out a really wonderful video for the holidays which I’m going to write the link to here, but since I’m still unable to get a link to really BE a link in a regular blog post, but only in subsequent comments, I’ll add it to a comment immediately after I finish typing this. It’s at, and is called “In a Perfect World.”

Also on Facebook, once you’ve looked up Stray Rescue, Bi-State, and Wishcuit, is a page for a dog named Oogy, a former “bait dog” who survived horrific injuries and, like so many other rescues, is being trained to be a therapy dog. His story, “Oogy, the Dog Only a Family Could Love” just came out, written by his humanoid rescuer, Larry Levin, and is a great read, about a story of survival and the unconditional love our furry friends give us (and which we’re lucky if we deserve).

For us cat lovers, I also just read “Buckley’s Story” by Ingrid King, another Facebook friend; find her there under the page for her blog, “The Conscious Cat.” As someone who has, among others, a tortoiseshell cat, Buckley explodes the myth that ALL torties are psychotic (it’s just MOST of them, lol). There’s a wealth of great critter books out there lately, and reading them is inspirational, but it’s only the first step. Next is to ADOPT a shelter dog or cat. After THAT step, you need to follow through and take care of said animal properly. If you do that right, the returns far outweigh the investment, I promise you.

Which reminds me of a couple of sad incidents this holiday season. Within the last week, a young cat in New York City (the “Miracle on 110th St.”) and a puppy in Denton, Texas, were found taped into cardboard boxes and left in trash bins. Truly miraculously, both were discovered by alert people using their ears, and have been rescued.

I don’t have words bad enough in my extensive vocabulary for idiots who get a puppy or kitten for the kiddies as a holiday present and then do something so MONSTROUS when the new “pet” acts according to its nature and freaks out a little in a new environment…perhaps pees on something or scratches in self-defense. They’re not TOYS. They are sentient beings with feelings, and need their adjustment period, same as you or I would. If you can’t give them that chance, you shouldn’t have brought them home in the first place.

On that note, I’m proud to have worked to pass Proposition B here in Missouri, which will tighten regulations on the often horrific conditions at “puppy mills.” The sore losers are ALREADY trying to have it repealed. The mentality of those who advocate majority rule except when the majority disagrees with THEM is what’s frightening about our incoming freshman congresspersons. I don’t drink coffee much anymore, except for the Irish variety; I mostly drink tea. But as parties go, the Teabaggers have taken over the laughing academy and I don’t find it humorous at all.

For 2011, I hope to see rationalism and logic hang on and not be overwhelmed by the types that burned the library at Alexandria in ancient times…they are SO still with us, and as we used to say in chemistry, if you’re not part of the solution, you’re part of the precipitate. And we all know a few choice words for the sediment at the bottom of the bottle or in the bilges of a ship, don’t we? I’ll let y’all fill in that particular blank with your own favorite. I hereby strongly suggest that you VOTE.  Every single time.  THEN complain; it’ll have a smack of validity to it.

Happy New Year from the Haz Man.



  1. here’s the direct link to the Wishcuit video:

  2. Great that you’re pointing out all those wonderful books and organizations that are helping animals. If everybody sticks together, we can bring about change, or so I hope. Keep up the good work!

    • Thanks, KvK! i like the mutual admiration society for writers that we have going on at FB. Maybe someone can offer me advice on finding an agent when i do further work on my archaeological mystery novel shortly. It has steak, champagne, dancing girls, meteorites, proto-Nazi gold, and, as all good novels must, A WORLD GONE MAD!

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