Posted by: Green Knight | February 12, 2011

Request for Info

Green Knight & Gawain

I’m trying to start a database of my subscribers.  WordPress doesn’t have a tracking feature, and I don’t feel like downloading FeedBurner and messing with yet another program just for this one purpose.  If you’d all be so kind as to log onto Facebook and search for Green Knight Environmental, it’ll lead you to my page, with the image above.  I’m using that site for tossoff stuff, less weighty material not needing a full post here, and more of an exchange than I’ve gotten so far on the Hot Sheet, where I have hits from all over the globe but very few comments.  “Like” the page and post a message to the effect that you’re a subscriber and I’ll start a list.  Not on Facebook?  Send me an e-mail, then, at   WordPress now sends an e-mail whenever someone new subscribes, so after this initial mini-flurry I’ll have a handle on things.  So far my known subscribers are Maire Siobhan, Joanie, Dr. Sims, and Julien.

(ClustrMaps will have to update its features, since I have one hit from Sudan.  Which one?)

In upcoming news, if you’ve listened to my radon interview from a year ago on here, I’ll be doing another Blogtalk radio interview on April 12th, this time on waste minimization, source reduction, alternative products, and the like, for home or on the job.  I’ll be sending out an alert a few days beforehand with the relevant info on where to tune in; it’ll be noon in Central US time, on a Tuesday.  Be there or be square!  Thanks, all!!


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