Posted by: Green Knight | March 2, 2011

Respiratory Protection

You can wear whatever gloves, suits, boots, etc., that you want, but we all gotta breathe, and respirators are your main line of defense.  People get in trouble by not wearing the right one for the job, or the right one with the wrong filters for the material being dealt with.  If you go to my Green Knight Environmental page on Facebook, you’ll see some of the respirators I use myself…they all have good and not-so-good features, and I’d love to design my own, but my favorites are shown there.  For the DIY types among you, please be aware that a dust mask WILL NOT HELP YOU if you’re dealing with lead dust or asbestos fibers; they’ll merely provide a false sense of security, and months or years later, when the effects begin to manifest themselves, you’ll wish you’d taken one of my safety classes.



  1. I should also point out that suit materials must also be right for the stuff being handled. If you’re wearing gloves rated for solvents and are handling corrosives, for example, they might start to melt and drip right off your hands.

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