Posted by: Green Knight | March 12, 2011

Amazing Cat Circus and Rescue Folks

I went to the return engagement of the Amazing Acro-Cat Circus on Thursday night, and it was (if possible) even better than last time!  Here’s a clip from a few years ago:  If you ever come to St. Louis, please drop by Cranky Yellow, sponsors of the circus and the most interesting store you’ve ever seen.  Great unusual locally-produced artwork, ancient books, stuff you can throw on if you need to join the witness protection program of a sudden, etc.  The coolest place on Cherokee Street.

As repeat visitors know, I do environmental work and animal rescue, and those are my two issues here on the Hot Sheet.  The recent shows in St. Louis were to benefit Tenth Life Cat Rescue, which is looking for a building to use as a shelter, and I’m going to do a free environmental site assessment and historical property research thing for them whenever they settle on a place.  In this town I can dig back to 1875 and look at the hot-air balloon sketches of the city as it was back then.  Good that archaeology was one of my many majors during my several incarnations as a college student.  Comes in handy more than you might think.

You can look up Tuna & the Rock-Cats, and Tenth Life, on Facebook.  Tell ‘em Bob sent ya.  The attached photo is of me, my cat-fancier landlord Harold, and his scurvy crew, after the show.  I, of course, am the one on the “far left,” visually and politically, stylin’ in my tweed jacket and pith helmet.

Let me know what you’re gonna do for Earth Day.  I’ve been observing it every year since the original in 1970.  My wish is to have bigger arms so I can hug the entire planet, cooties and all.



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