Posted by: Green Knight | March 17, 2011

What Have I Done For You Lately?

Well, this week I’ve been a bit tired, so I haven’t contributed much here on the Hot Sheet.  I’ve also been reserving comments on the whole Japan thing until it finishes doing whatever it’s going to do, but I suppose it’s time to say a thing or three.  First, my heart goes out to the people there in Nihon.  You’ve dealt with this many times before and have gotten through it, and I’m sure with your strong will you’ll get through it again.  When you live in an earthquake zone, it comes with the territory.  I’m from San Francisco, and now live in St. Louis, Missouri, another quake hotspot.

Second, I’m glad “Cat Island” came through it well, since I’m a cat-rescue guy.  See  Tomorrow I’m doing a site evaluation to try to help some new property owners deal with a feral cat population.  I refuse to call it a problem, only an issue.  I’m confident that we can get the situation to work for everybody, two- and four-legged.

Third, I may be an environmentalist, but I’m also a scientist, and was already liking the idea of so-called “micro-nukes.”  Perhaps that’s where we need to go next?  See another cool Discovery article here:  The Sun is a huge nuke at a safe distance, but these little buried boogers could work.  At least while we invest in more Gaia-friendly tech, this could reduce our oil addiction.  I’ve seen reporters talking about “radiation insurance” for homeowners, and folks with anxiety disorders worried about radiation.  There’s no reaction like an overreaction…yikes!  We all got exposed to much more during the Cold War during all the atmospheric tests.  The reports I’ve seen all talk about iodine-131, but unless the technology has changed a LOT, I’d be more concerned about strontium-90.  But that’s just me.

I’m gearing up for Earth Day, which I’ve been observing since the original in 1970.  This time I’m working with Greenpeace, a couple of local animal shelters, and the valuably artistic folks at the Cranky Yellow store to come up with a display on home gardening.  Then there’s my upcoming web radio interview on April 12th on waste minimization, source reduction, etc.  Will update and make y’all aware of where to tune in a few days before airtime.  Until then, donate if you can for the relief efforts.  I only hope that a few whaling ships got trashed by the tsunami, though.



  1. YAY! Should be exciting!!

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