Posted by: Green Knight | March 19, 2011

New Definition for Obscenity, Please

I dislike the idea of my DNA or that of cereal grains being patented, my PIN number being stolen, my passwords being hacked, all that sort of thing.  You can learn a lot just by looking at Wikipedia’s “Did You Know?” section on the main page every day, and this sprung out at me this morning: “Did you know… that after KV Pharmaceutical received an FDA-sponsored monopoly to exclusively market a drug that had been already available for five decades, it raised its prices from about US $15 to US $1500?”

No typos, that’s what the numbers are.  “Greed is good” was the motto of the Reagan era, and I guess it’s still popular with Big Pharm.  I haven’t had health insurance since 1992, so I spend a lot of time deleting e-mails and phone messages about how much money I could get from having been f*cked up by this or that prescription drug.  I’m thinkin’, as a paleontology and archaeology guy, that the drug companies are going the way of the saber-toothed tiger or the Irish elk, growing showoff visual characteristics that will eventually leave them unable to eat or avoid bumping into trees while escaping predators.  The BIG question is: will we come to our senses in time to rein in this insanity?


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