Posted by: Green Knight | April 19, 2011

Does Paranoia Annoy Ya?

I accidentally happened upon someone’s alarmist blog page, spouting bad math and a Butterfingers-slippery grasp of science, trying to scare people into thinking that they’re all gonna die from radiation from Sendai.  We old farts got exposed to tons more from all the atmospheric testing in the ’50s and ’60s, not to mention the French doing their thing in Mururoa until my colleagues at Greenpeace shut ’em down.

Rems, rads, Sieverts, Grays; the terminology is enough to overwhelm anyone who doesn’t even know the difference between radiation and radioactivity.  Then there are the conspiracy theorists who think the Tōhoku quake, the BP spill, and even Katrina were caused by the HAARP antennae in Alaska.  If the secretive spooks had that much power, don’t you think Afghanistan, Iraq, North Korea and Iran would have been reduced to rubble already by CIA-induced twisters & temblors?

Sometimes I just wanna crawl back in bed  until the madness is over, but it won’t be unless rational people get up and get busy.  That’s why I’m taking the free bus to Jefferson City, MO, tomorrow, to agitate in favor of Proposition B, the Puppy Mill Cruelty Prevention Act, which a majority of voters passed, but the abusers and misled breeders are trying to gut.  It’s all hanging on the governor’s pen.  Jay has a pretty good environmental track record from when he was Attorney General, but seems to have caved somewhat to the agricultural lobby and the Insane Tea Posse since occupying the mansion.

On a more positive note, Luna the kitty found her way home after being missing for two weeks.  One of her humans turned out to be a former Hazwoper student 0f mine.  Small world, eh?


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