Posted by: Green Knight | April 27, 2011

Dog Thefts

Just letting you know that in the St. Louis metropolitan area where I live, there has been a rash of dogs being stolen from back yards in the past month or so.  I don’t know if it’s dogfighting rings looking for bait or what, but please don’t leave your canine friends out there when you’re not home.  Two nights ago, a tiny Yorkie the size of a squirrel went missing from her foster home’s back yard, even though the other two little rescue dogs weren’t taken.  Little June is recovering from heart surgery and needs more; she won’t last long without meds and the vet.  In her case, we suspect that someone may have taken her to breed, or neighborhood kids might have stolen her because she’s so cute (the vet calls her “Junie-bug”), so we’ve been giving flyers to local kids and asking them to call the number if one of their friends shows off his or her new puppy (with a shaven left side and forearm from the recent surgery.)

This happened three blocks from my place, so  I spent several hours searching and distributing info yesterday, and will be going out again today.  I already mentioned the work I’m doing with the two feral cat populations (look up the ChipIn page for donations a couple of posts ago, please!).  This is something I care about, and I have the time to devote to it.  I get alerts on missing pets in my area, or ones people found whose owners are unknown, through a few good sites I subscribe to, and I post the data to various Facebook pages.  An original idea of mine is posting to FB pages for local bars, restaurants, and pet-friendly stores, for a few reasons:  restaurants smell like FOOD, and lost critters might be sniffing around for scraps in back alleys.  I’ve found that those and other establishments like used-book stores, bicycle shops, tattoo parlors, etc., often have progressive types working there that care about animals.  I’ve had great success so far in reuniting pets with their humans using that method.  I also post with local vet clinics and groomers.

Also, drivers don’t pay attention to flyers on telephone poles, and few pedestrians other than guys like me bother to write the info down, but in a bar or restaurant, people are comfortable, with drinks in their fists, not going anywhere for a while, and more likely to borrow a pen and paper, plus most of the patrons are locals who can keep an eye out.

The sites I get e-mails from (all have Facebook pages) are:

Lost and Pound, which covers lost and found pets, at

Lost and Found Pets America, who are just getting started out.  They charge to list lost animals, which covers the free found-pet listings and help to local shelters.  They’re at,

and another great outfit, HomeAgain Pet Rescuers.  These folks make the majority of the microchips out there, and if your pet is chipped, which they ALL should be, cats included, you can list with them, at

I’ve attached June’s photo in hopes that you’ll all send positive vibes for her discovery and continued rehabilitation.  Thanks, gentle readers!



  1. thanks so much for looking for little Junie – praying for her safe return

  2. Thanks for caring enough to share this info. I think people who really care should walk their dogs—not leave them out in the yard. Yard-bound dogs get territorial and aggressive. A quick run outside to toilet is fine (under a watchful eye), but a real dog lover WALKS a dog! Just my two cents!

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