Posted by: Green Knight | May 3, 2011

Furry Friends

I got a reminder postcard the other day in the mail, letting me know that it was time for Roscoe’s shots.  This was from one of my vets who sent me a sympathy card last June when my other vet, the one with the mobile service, gently sent him on his way to the next plane.  I’d been thinking about him anyway, so it was OK. Paperwork is my downfall too.  Roscoe was an elderly lynx-point kitty who’d belonged to my late friend Randy, and had infections and all sorts of other medical issues when I rescued him from the pound.  The first vet mentioned did a bunch of good work on him, and we got him back in shape, so he had 9 good months with me and the other cats before his kidneys and liver failed last summer.  He sure was a nice guy.  No matter how many you lose, it never gets any easier, but sometimes I still feel his spirit sitting on my shoulder.  I can’t have dogs where I live, but here in the puppy mill capital of the U.S., I do what I can on their behalf, and think back fondly on Jake, my golden retriever/collie mix, and before that to Carnahan, my giant shepherd.  All rescues, just like my cats.  Shelter dogs rule; go adopt one.  Or two.  They’ll make you better humans.

Thanks for the comment from Wishcuit; I just put you on the tags, forgot to do it before.  You guys rock!  I’m using my oversized bathrobe as a hankie today, thinking about how the night before Roscoe’s systems failed, we had a catnip party and he was chasing his tail just like a kitten.  At least he went out with a bang.



  1. I love those shoulder visits!

  2. That’s quite a pretty cat.

  3. Thanks Bob…right back at ya! I’ve often found that shirt sleeves come in quite handy too, and I suppose Roscoe was impishly reminding you to get your paperwork in order 🙂

  4. He had the mellowest disposition of any critter I’ve ever had. I’d known him for 10 years before I rescued him (long story). Currently I’m treating Butterscotch, my new rescue-kitten, for roundworms; never encountered that problem before. ICK!

  5. Oh, Roscoe was beautiful! It sounds like he lived his life to the fullest up until the last minute.

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