Posted by: Green Knight | May 7, 2011

RIP, sweetie.

Some readers may recall that I’ve been helping take care of a feral cat colony a couple of doors down from where I live, and also trying to get some assistance organized for another one a mile away.  My usual oddball sense of humor has deserted me for now, because one of the next-door cats has been killed.  My neighbor down the hall, who’s been feeding the ferals for a long time, called her Maggie May, after the song.  She was a sweet calico who’d had kittens recently, and was slowly warming up to me.  I never quite gained enough trust to get her to let me pet her, but I was getting close.

I finally got to touch her yesterday.  I had to double-bag her body, which was laying on the sidewalk attracting flies.  She’s in my freezer for now (same place they put them at the vet’s) until I find someone to loan me a shovel and figure out where to bury her.

No sign of the kittens.  A young fellow in better shape than creaky old me volunteered to climb to the roof of the vacant bank building where she’d had them, under the A/C unit, but they were no longer there.  I’m going to look some more today, but she apparently moved them, and by now they’ve probably starved to death.  From what I’ve been able to gather, some teenaged wannabe “gangsta” thug types were harassing the cats sometime on Sunday at the feeding station I set up last year, probably when I was out searching for June the stolen Yorkshire terrier, or I would’ve noticed…I can see that entire property from my apartment window.  All I can think is that she hid her kittens and then got chased across the busy street, where she was hit and killed.  She was street- and car-savvy, having grown up right here with her sibs and friends.  It took some effort on the part of the punks to drive her to her death.

It’s tough not to fall into despair and disrepair and despondency.  Added to that, the three small but noble donations I’ve gotten so far to the ChipIn account I set up weeks ago are only enough to Trap, Neuter, & Return 3 15 cats out of the bunches of furry friends I’m trying to assist. is the page.  I know it’s tough out there; I’ve been out of work for 2 ½ years.  The photo below isn’t of her; I lack one, and you wouldn’t want to see her now.  It’s of a very similar kitty.  Please light a candle for her and the kittens.  Thanks.



  1. So sorry for Maggie May. If I were a better person I’d feel sorry for the assholes whose lives are so pathetic they’ve got nothing better to do than harass poor Maggie but I don’t. RIP Maggie. Not likely but I hope someone has rescued your kittens.

  2. Bob have u contacted animal house or bark for help? I’m so sorry all your valiant efforts on Junes part let this tradgedy happen.

  3. So sorry – thank you for caring for these little lives….

  4. Bob, I’m so sorry for your loss. I hope that, somehow, the little ones are found. Don’t lose hope right away. I found a litter that a momma had moved 3 or 4 times. The last time she put them somewhere that she couldn’t get to them – I just happened upon them. That may happen for you. The may get louder when they hungry. I’ll keep my fingers crossed. Good work on your part. Sad, sad, sad, about the kids. I’ll never understand that.

  5. so sorry bob. :[

  6. thank you for burying her bob, you have a good heart

  7. bob, i saw your post on senior dog project and clicked over to the blog. my heart filled with sadness; i’m so sorry to hear about maggie may. thank you for all that you do. and, i’m sorry about your unemployment…i’m out 2 years as well, so i understand!

  8. Laura, as the sign on Dogbert’s desk says, “I’m NOT unemployed, I’m a CONSULTANT!” Close enough. Thanks for all the vibes, folks, it means a lot. Michel, it’s not little Junie’s fault. We’ll find her, and maybe the kittens too.

  9. Thank you for caring. God bless.

  10. Thanks, StL Belle, and for the contribution. Update; we’re now thinking that this may be one of the other two similar size/age calicos in the tribe, and that the kittens still have their momcat, although hiding out somewhere. she’ll still get a special burial with some catnip and organic tobacco Native American style in a friend’s garden. every cat’s death diminishes me.

  11. So Sorry Bob, I hope it was not the Mother of the kittens… No Cat should have to suffer, and be taunted~killed. May She rest in Peace, and My Prayers are with You and Your Ferals…
    Blessings, Charlotte

  12. This is a really sad story. I stumbled upon it the day I just adopted another cat. I’m happy that my little babies are doing really well. But this post really got me. We can’t help them all and I wish we could, if only more people could realize the responsibilities taken when you have a pet… and abandon it. Just shouldn’t end this way!!!! Ever!

  13. God bless you for all you do for our four-leggeds, two-leggeds and so on. I have some feral kitties in my yard and it makes me sad the disregard that my neighbors have for them, especially in Alabama winters!

    Pleasant Grove, Alabama

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