Posted by: Green Knight | June 1, 2011

Don’t Be A Litterbug

I was going through my shoulder pack yesterday, and found something that deserves a quick post.  In my urban environment, there’s litter everywhere.  I could almost write a field guide to local restaurants just based on where I find trash from this or that fast-food place, as I was once tempted to do about local wildlife seen as roadkill while driving from St. Louis to Butte, Montana.  But while aluminum doesn’t last long on the streets (people pick it out of dumpsters and recycling bins, to get that next dose of crack), and an elderly neighbor does what I do and picks up recyclable plastic bottles and tosses them in the dedicated receptacle, other trash just blows around, lowering property values, hooray.

Well, a few weeks ago I was hiking to a spot a couple of miles away to assess a feral cat situation, and my eye was caught by a particular piece of litter on the sidewalk.  Y’know how stuff can register in peripheral vision despite all the other visual noise going on?  My guy Carl Jung would have something to say about the gestalt, no doubt.  I’m nearsighted, too, although my left eyeball has perversely gone farsighted on me in the last few years.  Anyway, what got my notice was a business card, lying there all forlorn.  I’d walked past it for almost a block before a nagging sensation made me go back and look at the damned thing to see if I was right, and I was.  It was from a recycling company.



  1. Bob, when we used to go camping, we went by the mantra “pack it in, pack it out”, which is a good way to look at it. Don’t people realize that the Earth is not one big trash can? Sheesh people, don’t just dump trash on the ground, do you want to live in a ghetto?

  2. Back in Boy Scouts, when we’d take a week or two hiking in the back country, we used to bring extra trash bags to pick up OTHER people’s crap. “Leave it cleaner than you found it” was the operative phrase.

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