Posted by: Green Knight | June 6, 2011

can garbage and hot plastic create chloroform

Someone found this site with that search phrase.  Not sure about chloroform, but whenever you burn most plastics at low temps, like in a burn barrel, you create dioxins and furans.  The answer to the person’s question is probably yes, because many chlorinated organics are decomposition products of plastics when burned.  It depends on the plastic involved.

I see articles now that may have prompted the search, about a mom that may have drugged her kid with the stuff.  Chloroform was a common anesthetic, like ether but non-flammable.  People used to use ether to get high in the old days, along with nitrous oxide (laughing gas), another anesthetic still in use.  Ether is very reactive and flammable, but chloroform, because of the chlorines in the formula, doesn’t burn but is much more toxic; it’s one Cl away from carbon tetrachloride, which is banned.  Nitrous, no problem, as long as you have enough oxygen in the mix.


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