Posted by: Green Knight | June 8, 2011

World Ocean Day

I miss living by the Pacific.  As this 1988 cover from Time shows, things have been bad for some time.  I wonder if we’ll ever figure out how to clean up the Great Garbage Patch in the Pacific vortex?  (Or the North Atlantic one, or the Indian Ocean one…Sargasso Seas of trash.)



  1. Bob, I’ve lived in So. Cal since I was 3 and things have sure changed. Now the beaches are so dirty (people leave trash and cigarette butts in the sand) and the water isn’t clean (runoff from over watering lawns has sent hundreds of pounds of pesticide and trash laden water from our storm drains directly into the ocean), it’s not safe to swim in the ocean anymore.

    Sad commentary on what we (humans) are doing to this planet. Where will it end?

  2. I had a good book from 1985 called “Neptune’s Revenge: the Ocean of Tomorrow”
    by Anne W. Simon, which had an assessment of then-current conditions, and pretty accurate predictions about where we were headed. Still worth a look.

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