Posted by: Green Knight | June 14, 2011

Batrachians & Chelonians

More stuff on frogs (I may have to start calling this the Frog Blog): I was looking at Jeff Corwin’s page on Facebook; he’s the nutty naturalist on the Animal Planet show “The Jeff Corwin Experience,” and he had a link to an article about how antibiotics and other chemicals in frog skins may help treat cancer, diabetes, stroke, and transplant patients.  It’s research from Queen’s University in Belfast, found here:,238595,en.html

This ties in with the article I had linked to the original frog post on beneficial medical constituents in amphibian skin.  I am still getting crazy numbers of hits 47 days after International Save the Frogs Day, and almost all the searches are about frogs.  Once again, good, because they need the attention and the help!

They may have to share the spotlight with turtles coming up this week, though.  I got a mite confused, because I received an e-mail about World Turtle Day being this coming Thursday, June 16th, but when I Googled it I got May 23rd.  Turns out that World Turtle Day has been May 23rd for 12 years now, but it’s for land-based turtles and tortoises only, and was started by American Tortoise Rescue.  June 16th is World Sea Turtle Day, a newer observation set up by the Sea Turtle Restoration Project, and they’re having an event at the California Academy of Sciences that I wish I could attend, as that’s a great facility and it’s in my hometown of San Francisco.  I’ll post more on turtles on Thursday, but we know how many sea turtles were and still are impacted by the BP Deepwater Horizon spill.

A couple of links for further reading are: for American Tortoise Rescue (also see their “World Turtle Day” page on Facebook,) and  for the Sea Turtle Restoration Project (they also have a FB page under that name).  Also check this out:  The chelonians aren’t nearly as ancient as the amphibians, but also predate the dinosaurs and survived the Cretaceous-Tertiary impact, and we need to keep them from succumbing to us humans.



  1. Well written and very informative!

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