Posted by: Green Knight | June 16, 2011

World Sea Turtle Day

Can’t really wish you, or the turtles, a “happy” one.  Almost 14 months after BP’s Deepwater Horizon explosion, blowout, and gusher, the impact on them, and on other marine life, is still painfully evident.  There have been an alarming number of dolphin fatalities, including baby ones, since the event, and they tried to blame it on an oceanic “cold snap.”  THIS scientist wants those who touted that opinion to have their degrees revoked, assuming they even have degrees.

See the previous post on batrachians and chelonians for some sea and land turtle links.  At least we finally got the “cleanup” crews to start removing sea turtles and other wildlife from the boomed-up floating crude before torching it; previously, they just made any trapped animals into crispy critters.  What else can we expect when Halliburton’s involved?   The Coast Guard following BP orders and illegally keeping media cameras away, and the info blackout on dolphin death data, show just how tightly the corporate world’s tentacles have infiltrated the system and are directing/strangling our “elected” officials.  Who the hell do they work for?  Last time I checked, it was supposed to be us.

It’s instructive to note that the heavier petroleum fractions, which sink rather than float, thus being harder to recover (and are more toxic to boot), were still being detected in coastal bottom sediments decades after the 1973 Amoco Cadiz spill off Brittany, and the 1989 Exxon Valdez fiasco in Alaska.  The problem doesn’t go away just because they’ve skimmed off the obvious floating stuff; the aftereffects persist for a very long time and are more insidious because since we don’t SEE them, we don’t respond as readily.

Is there a solution?  Damned if I know.  I sign a kazillion online petitions every week, and am in close touch with my local, state, and Federal representatives, but often they indicate that they’re doing the best they can against the knee-jerk reactionaries that have the short attention-span public mesmerized with their smoke, mirrors, and dog & pony show tactics.  It’s telling that the people I support take the time to respond to my inquiries personally, while the ones I don’t care for send me form letters full of glib self-serving platitudes.  A major part of the problem, at least from your humble correspondent’s angle, is that people are so lazy that they’d rather elect people to do their thinking FOR them.  I don’t want to live in that universe; do YOU???

Here are some links related to the above-mentioned marine life issues:

Here’s a National Geographic video (the second one) on this year’s nesting season.  It’s part of a video stream on animals which you can stop at any time:

Go make a difference, willya?

(and you frog fans, please share this stuff with your turtle, bat, and bee friends.  we have white-nose syndrome and colony collapse disorder to watch as well.)

I’ve also added a picture of Great A’Tuin, the giant space turtle on whose back the Discworld is supported, from Terry Pratchett’s incredibly pointed and funny science-fantasy series.  If you haven’t encountered his stuff yet, be prepared for hilarious social observations couched in Tolkienesque settings; a Satiricon, so to speak.



  1. I’m so impressed that you have so much research and information in your blogs! Good for you! Keep up the good work. People need to know about sea turtles and frogs — and all the rest.

  2. Bob, the Southwestern Native Americans also had a belief that the Earth was poised on the back of a huge Mother Turtle floating in space, so the idea isn’t a new one by any means!

  3. Yeah, Terry delves into all sorts of traditions when writing his stuff. That’s why I dig him so much.

  4. And thanks, Kristin! I posted your recent blog on my Facebook page to spread the word. Keep on doin’ what yer doin’!

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