Posted by: Green Knight | July 9, 2011

We Can Take It!

Rosie the Riveter said “We Can Do It!”  The Merchant Marine said “Let’s Finish the Job!”  But the Civilian Conservation Corps had the slogan above.  Most of the Boy Scout camps I went to as a kid were built by the CCC.  I’ve been saying for decades that we need to bring ’em back, but now I’ve hooked up with Jay Alexander, who might have a chance to actually do it.  They were never abolished, they just had their funding cut to zero in 1942.  My original contribution to the idea is to have a nautical branch to clean up the ginormous floating vortices of plastic waste in the dead spaces of our oceans.

This would create jobs, and give our returning military personnel something to do.  Jay wants me to train people in hazmat for this, and bring in people who can teach wildland firefighting.  Imagine if we’d had better-qualified people to respond to the hurricanes and tornadoes.  I’m still the earthquake guy for the unsuspecting Midwest.  Check out his site and sign the petitions at  Peacetime jobs…makes a lot of sense to ME.  Gotta get some peace first.



  1. Bob, I agree! This use of the military and other volunteers could be utilized for peaceful, constructive purposes, like: rebuilding the infrastructure, cleaning up environmental disasters, rebuilding homes and buildings after natural disasters, creating a core of people who would be helping, not hurting their fellow human beings. I was only the 174 person to sign, wish more people would get involved!

  2. Sounds great Bob!

  3. What do you think about the CCC as a first step for ex-offenders, who have served their time for non-violent crimes? There is almost no way for them to integrate back into society, almost no way for them to earn a living honestly and stay out of prison, once released. The CCC could serve a vast population in that way.

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