Posted by: Green Knight | July 14, 2011

More on Saving the Frogs

While I definitely have issues with PETA, such as their stance that feral cats should be euthanized, I agree with them on some things, and this is one of them, selling African clawed frogs at retail chains in tiny “aquaria.”  This isn’t a bad letter to sign if you care. I had tropical fish and turtles growing up, with proper equipment, food, and care, and that can indeed be educational, but these plastic “ecosystems” leave much to be desired.  My main problem is the abuse to the animals by the breeders and shippers, and it needs to stop.  The salmonella outbreak in April was hard to make look like an achievement as well.  Thanks.



  1. I was gonna trap some crawdads a few years ago when I lived by a creek and put them in a little unaerated glass aquarium I had, and release them back after they got too big. I wonder two things: if the plastic tank can release organics that might harm the frogs, and what happens to this non-native species if they survive to be too big for the little tank? Introduced species have caused many problems. I posted these questions to my cool aquarium store down the street; will see what they think.

  2. Bob, we all need to raise our voices against animal abuse of any kind. People think that all politicians are crooked and I think that’s ridiculous. In order to change things we have to take ACTION, even if it is only an email to our representatives in government. They can’t know how we feel about issues unless we take the time to tell them. I emailed my letter, I hope more of your readers will follow suit.

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