Posted by: Green Knight | July 15, 2011

New Cities

I like the “Green Float” floating cities concept as seen at  We might be able to give the continents a break to recover.  The floating wind farms are OK too, but would potentially impede shipping, and sperm whales might knock them over out of cussedness or being pissed at us, and these giant wind farms will alter the local climate just like cloud-seeding, and could potentially lead to international lawsuits.  Maybe they could put the windmills on top of the funnel cities, and screen them to keep birds from getting chopped up.  But none of it’s going to work until we start restricting our population or build L5 space colonies as Gerard K. O’Neill advocated in the ’60s, and space elevators, aka tethers or skyhooks, as suggested by Arthur C. Clarke then and later.  If we terraform Mars, my favorite planet, it could all work together as a way to move out from, preserve, but not desert our beloved home.  I actually did a paper in college about what the meteorology inside an O’Neill space colony would be like (exterior of two linked ones is the top left painting, interior is the bottom right.)


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