Posted by: Green Knight | July 24, 2011

Poison Dart Frogs and Chemistry

For those of you visiting the “frog blog” to find out about the poisonous ones from the Amazon, have a look at  I like it because it’s part of  the “Periodic Table of Videos,” a great series of short clips from the University of Nottingham starring Dr. Martyn Poliakoff and introducing the elements and the basics of chemistry, often with interesting pyrotechnics and always with his wild Einsteinian hair and periodic table ties.  The new one on carbon has more props than I did when teaching hazardous waste cleanup, but is quite similar to my content when teaching organic chemistry.  Then there’s always the classic Tom Lehrer rendition of “The Elements” set to Gilbert & Sullivan, as shown here:  Mike Stanfill did a great job doing the animation on that one.

Have fun with the videos!


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