Posted by: Green Knight | July 28, 2011

Greenpeace Sumatra Day

Well, we started our action at Toys “R” Us.  I let the manager know why we were there and what we’d be doing, basically just adding customers to our mailing list and raising awareness.  She came out a half hour later and said she’d called regional headquarters and they’d rather we didn’t do our thing.  She was very nice about it and understood and supported what we were doing, so I gave her some info and am contacting people higher up the chain with the company to spread the word.  That’s a start at the local level.  Here we are out front:

We next went to the zoo.  I hadn’t been in a while anyway; we have a really good one here in St. Louis.  My thought was to get photos of us with tigers, rhinos, and orangutans, since those are the subspecies that are so endangered in Sumatra by the deforestation.  It was another 100-degree day, so the tigers and rhinos were wisely staying inside and out of good camera range, but we got a few good pics of a mama orang and her youngster.  She came and sat across the glass from us and traded some good eye contact.  Here’s one of her in a pretty good approximation of natural habitat:

We took a few photos of us with our signs.  There was Scott in his orangutan costume (don’t know how he did it in the heat, but he only donned it for photo ops), and Fred, and Austin, and me with green hair and my pith helmet to lend a safari air to the event.  We talked to a few interested people but didn’t stage an “action” of the type I used to do with Greenpeace in the early ’80s in San Francisco.  I also had alerted the zoo staff about why we were there that day and what we’d be doing.  As we were about to leave, we saw a reporter from the local news channel, and she was nice enough to film a bit of our message, but she failed to mention the name of the group itself.  All publicity is good publicity, though.  You can see the clip at,0,4425502.story.  They only got Fred with his tiger sign in the frame; wish they’d have gotten Scott in there with his orang suit.  Anyhoo, here’s a shot of me, Scott, and Fred in the River’s Edge section of the zoo with our signs.  Do your part and contact Greenpeace about the Mattel/Hasbro/Disney/APP thing, OK?  There are only about 400 Sumatran tigers left, and they’re a really interesting subspecies.


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