Posted by: Green Knight | August 21, 2011

Kids & Electricity

I got zapped by 440 volts once, and I think it was 110 or 120 amps, cleaning leaves out of a central air unit at a house I used to rent, after taking the screens off.  The rag got wet, and I was knocked from a squatting position to about three feet back from it, onto my hind end.  My left arm was dead to the shoulder for about a half an hour; I couldn’t even move it.  Luckily, I didn’t have both hands on the unit or my heart would’ve been fried, and that’s one of my favorite parts.

That’s why it was very sad to read about some relatively local KIDS who got electrocuted working in the cornfields.  Article here:  I hope that OSHA figures out what happened and punishes the guilty parties.  It sounds like a lack of training and a disregard for the workers.  I was taken aback by the fact that child-labor laws have such loopholes in them at the state level.

I’m more philosophical than religious, but light candles for Hannah and Jade.  I’m doing so now.



  1. Bob, this is sad news, not only for the families of those poor children, but for the deeper implications, as you’ve pointed out, of lax child labor laws and safety on the job. I’ll also say a prayer for their souls and grieving families.

    I sing their souls to the Blessed Star People……

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