Posted by: Green Knight | August 24, 2011

World Water Week

“World Water Week 2011 will be held in Stockholm, Sweden from 21-27 August 2011. This annual meeting organized by the Swedish International Water institute (SIWI) brings together over 2,500 individuals representing 200+ organizations from country governments, scientific, business, policy and civil society communities who are advancing work on the state of water sources, environmental health, livelihoods and poverty reduction agendas. It focuses on linking best practices, scientific understanding and policy and decision-making from a global perspective, but the context adjusts to differences/ similarities between regions of the world, phases of development, political systems and climatic conditions.”  From an e-mail I got today from CI.

For more info, see Conservation International’s page at  Groundwater depletion of the Ogallala aquifer in the central U.S. is a serious concern locally to me, but fresh water supplies are in trouble worldwide.

Also, the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources has a really cool poster showing the hydrologic cycle and human impacts on it.  For a look at it in .pdf format, where you can use the zoom feature, check out  I’ve always found it very instructive.


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