Posted by: Green Knight | September 2, 2011

Quakes & Nukes

As a followup to my posts, “Brown Trousers at Browns Ferry” and “Hi-Pro Glow,” the recent earthquake on the east coast prompted an Associated Press coda to the nuclear-plant study they did recently which I mentioned there.  It was reprinted today in the Southeast Missourian , a conservative newspaper from a small conservative town (home of Rush Limbaugh, no less); if they’re publishing content like this these days, there may be hope for them yet.  See for further details.  Of course, they, and just about everyone else in the Mississippi Valley, are sitting on the New Madrid seismic zone, a giganticus fault system that doesn’t act up perceptibly very often, but is capable of huge quakes when the fault blocks decide to settle; see my recent post, “National Preparedness Week” for more info on that.  I’ll just be interested to see if they publish my pseudonymical comment on the article.

As a related spinoff, I’m glad the administration pulled the plug on the Yucca Mountain disposal site for rad waste in Nevada.  The base of that geological formation is porous, and that could lead to contamination of just about every aquifer and river in central California over time.  I still like old salt mines for disposal; fractures from a quake would heal themselves, since the salt acts like a slow fluid, and the salt makes good shielding.  Plus, due to electron-shell billiards being played between the radiation and the salt, it turns the salt purple over time, which is pretty cool.  This disposal method has been working fine in Germany for decades.  I’m just regretful that so much money was wasted trying to set the plan up in the first place.



  1. Bob, I don’t even get out of bed for less than a 6 pointer! (true Californian)

    BTW, the font size here is so tiny once the post is posted, it’s hard to see, especially since it’s that dull gray color. I had to change my theme in order to get a clear blog, maybe you should try another theme where the background is white and the type is black?

    • yeah, i need to work on that. don’t forget, i’m a techno-dinosaur.

  2. Here’s the comment I left with the newspaper, under one of my many names:

    “As a San Franciscan who lived in Cape for a few years and is now in St. Louis, I can say that a 5.8 quake wouldn’t even wake me up. On the other hand, the same magnitude can shake wider areas in the type of bedrock in the eastern US. Letting the industry self-regulate, which the NRC has been doing for decades, is asking for trouble; same principle applies to BP being basically self-regulating at Deepwater Horizon. NRC and DOE have been rubber-stamping license renewals for years, and look out when the New Madrid Seismic Zone decides to wake up next time. People hate government regulations until it’s THEM that are at risk, and then whine when the agencies can’t fix it yesterday.”

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