Posted by: Green Knight | September 19, 2011

Adopt a Furry Friend

i’m prepping to write about stuff, but in the meantime, go here and help a pal.

say hey, Ingrid!  we love ya!!!



  1. Howdy Bob, I couldn’t agree with Ms. Ingrid more, adopting a special needs kitty is a treat because these cats love you more than ever for “saving” them from their unfortunate circumstances. We have a cat who was born with only one eye and he is a character. He’s completely normal in every other sense and is very independent. My other boy kitty caught Cryptococcus almost 6 years ago and almost died, it left him blind in one eye and with a weakened immune system, but he is such a love bug, no one would know now that he’s been so ill. My third kitty was adopted out and returned twice before we were lucky enough to adopt her. She is a very shy kitty, so her previous owners kept returning her because she wouldn’t come out to play. She’s now my “little shadow” following me from room to room in the house as I work and write.

    We’re getting ready to adopt a new dog, after having lost our Stabyhoun to the reaper. She was 15 years old and got along well with our cats, but Time caught up to her almost a year ago. Now we have mourned her for a year, and will never forget her sweet loving personality, but it’s time to open up our hearts once more and adopt a fun loving stray dog into our mixed home!

    Bright Blessings,
    Diane T. and furfamily

  2. I am not new to blogging and really value your blog. There is much prime subject that peaks my interest. I am going to bookmark your blog and keep checking you out. Wish you good luck.

  3. I’m really amazed by this blog. Tons of useful posts and info on here. Thumbs up,

  4. Many thanks to both of ya! 🙂 Feedback is rare, but much appreciated. And Diane, congrats for adopting the doggie! You rock!!!

  5. Bob, this is breaking my heart, but we had to take the dog (we named him “Buddy”) back to the Humane Shelter. Although he was loving, he had some serious behavior problems, some could have been corrected in time, but he’d go absolutely crazy if we tried to leave him alone. Since I’m not house bound (yet), I had appointments this week, and the dog was frantic when I tried to leave, scratching at the cement under the fence until his paws were bloody. Then, the deal breaker, he chased and barked and snapped at our kitties, chasing one of the completely out of the yard. The cat disappeared out of the yard and we were afraid we’d truly lost him. Poor Buddy, he was three years old, and someone had taught him it was ok to jump on furniture, on people and on cats, and he wasn’t socialized to spend any time alone. In three days both my husband and I were worn ragged trying to watch and work with the pup, and our cats were terrorized, which isn’t fair to them. So, we had to take him back, and my heart is breaking because I’d fallen in love with him already. I feel like a failure, both for not being able to help Buddy, and not being able to maintain a safe place for my kitties. 😦

  6. Diane, you’re NOT a failure. What i’d have done is to get a giant doggie crate and keep Buddy in it for weeks, if it took that long. I’ve converted cats that were either hiders or biters into mellow social beasties just by allowing time to do its thing. Don’t leave him alone, take him with you on trips, he’ll socialize faster. And the crate allows him to get to know the kitties without any fracas ensuing. I’m hoping you’ll go bring him back and give him another chance. Wiping tears as I type this.

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