Posted by: Green Knight | October 8, 2011

Frogs on Venus?

Naw, that was just to get your attention.  But when I was a kid, we still thought that Venus was a water world populated by amphibians and crocodiles and the like.  The first of two bits of news this morning is that the Save the Frogs! poetry and art contests need submissions by October 15th; see  The other interesting item to those of us who’ve studied planetology is that Venus turns out to have an ozone layerafter all, high in its atmosphere.  This is unusual for a planet whose air is composed mostly of carbon dioxide and some nitrogen.  I will be looking at the issue with extreme interest.  Also, I just ran across an article about possible life on Venus which is intriguing:, but it predates the discovery of the Venusian ozone layer.

credit to Thomas MacPherson, Jr., for the alien frog design.


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