Posted by: Green Knight | October 9, 2011

Fire Prevention Week

The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) does this every year.  There are a lot of hazards around the home, school, or business that are easily remedied, and are usually just caused by inattention and letting unsafe conditions build up.  The holidays are also a time for lots of fires due to all the lights, overloaded circuits, multicolored hair spray, decorations, et cetera.  Please have a look at their useful info at  And for the kiddies, they can check out Sparky’s site at  He’s been the official mascot since 1951, and, like Smokey the bear, was inspired by a real critter that survived a fire.  When writing and practicing your emergency plans, never forget your furry friends.

And remember, as a button I once saw said, “Safety is No Accident!”



  1. Bob, it’s true, we are responsible to help prevent fires. It’s easier to pay for a tree service to come trim any large trees on your property, and clear brush from around your home, than it is to try to recuperate from the loss of life or property after a fire. Homeowners and renters both must understand that if there is fuel for a fire, then you increase your risk of fire a hundred fold.

    Great post Smokey (the bear)!

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