Posted by: Green Knight | October 16, 2011

National Feral Cat Day

It’s today!  A friend has graciously offered to help me relocate a bunch of ferals that we have so far mostly TNR’d (trap, neuter, & return), because her sister has a barn full of mice, and the cat-haters next door to me are making life ever more difficult for the kitties i take care of.  Ferals can also eventually become people-friendly; it just takes patience, a virtue that most humans seem to lack. The psycho-tortie Mitzi that would used to about tear your arm off now sleeps on my pillow.  It just takes time and true caring.  So do what you can for them.  As my friend Donna says, “we domesticated them; we OWE them.”  Please check out the link to Alley Cat Allies,, for further information.  The photo is of Mitzi the kitzi.  She’s reclining on my dirty laundry.


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