Posted by: Green Knight | October 21, 2011

Is It Hot In Here, Or Is It Just Me?

I like Kevin Drum’s blog for Mother Jones.  This time he talks about new evidence that even left UC Berkeley physicist Richard Muller with a bit of egg on his face.  I always liked Muller for his part in the idea that the dinosaurs, and most other life forms, were wiped out by an asteroid or comet.  The idea that the sun has an evil companion star, Nemesis, has been replaced by the idea of Tyche, a more benign companion, out there in the Oort cloud somewhere, but Muller’s work with the Alvarez father-and-son team, and Raup and Sepkoski, all about finding that little layer of iridium at the K-T boundary, and figuring out ages of impact craters, always fascinated me, and when they found the remnants of the Chicxulub crater off the Yucatán peninsula, the smoking gun was identified.  I like science, in case anyone hadn’t noticed.

But, as I said earlier, climatology is not the same as meteorology, and in a sense is like weather archaeology.  As Indiana Jones said, “Archaeology is the search for fact… not truth. If it’s truth you’re looking for, Dr. Tyree’s philosophy class is right down the hall.”  Muller, a climate-change skeptic, had to admit that there was something to it after all.  If you’re a real science person, you don’t let ideology get in the way of the facts, Jack, and he didn’t.  The Drum article can be found here:

On another tack, a week from now I’ll be attending a conference at the University of Missouri – St. Louis  called “Science in the City,” a sort of attempt to do urban planning with your thinking cap on.  My late uncle Jesse Smith was an urban planner, and I wish he were still alive to go to it with me; he would have liked it.  I’m having some new business cards printed up for the event, with the Green Knight artwork from the original book from the 1300s.



  1. I know you’ll have a groovy time at the conference Bob, just don’t eat too many pigs-in-blankets and other finger food…bad for the heart!

  2. My ticker is in great shape! The doc says he’d kill for my cholesterol levels.

  3. Thanks for the link. You always seem to come up with interesting reading material. JIM

  4. Thanks, Dr. Jim! If there was such a thing as an emeritus lab assistant, I’d be happy to do that job for ya!

  5. oh, and i also like Mr. Drum because he’s a fellow cat fan.

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