Posted by: Green Knight | October 26, 2011


This just came to me and was flagged as junk e-mail, but it was so disturbing I thought I’d share it.

Buy fake/novelty university diplomas and degrees online.
We design our Degree or Diploma Certificates and Transcripts to look 99.99% identical to world famous originals including identical security grade transcript paper, identical water markings, raised-ink crests, embossed seals, correct card stock weight (60-100lb depending upon institution specifications). Most post-secondary institutions available.

I worked damned hard to finally get MY degree, beginning at UCLA from 1973-75, at West Valley College, 1975-76, and Southeast Missouri State U, 1984-87.  I wonder if these folks could be prosecuted for fraud?  I also take this stuff seriously because I’ve been teaching courses for EPA, OSHA, DOT, DOE, and MSHA for a couple of decades, and there are people out there selling training certificates without providing the training.  A few have been busted, but they’re hard to catch.  I do it right, and I have no dead guys on my conscience.  I’ve been complimented on keeping students awake, and how safety-conscious they are on the job later.

P.S.  I just reported this to the FBI.  But, being an H.P. Lovecraft fan, I’d love to have one from the following mythical university:



  1. Bob, I’ve also received a spate of these emails and the idea that people are willing to “cheat” upsets me, but I think that since the company selling the diplomas is admitting that they aren’t real diplomas they aren’t committing fraud.

    However, if a person purchases said diploma and tries to pass it off as authentic, then THEY are committing fraud.

    Employers have to spend lots of money and time to verify employees references, and the law protects employees by severely restricting which questions can be asked by a potential employer when they try to check their background. I was an employer for over 20 years and I did my best to check references, still got a few “bad apples” in the bunch!

    • True, the perpetrators aren’t guilty of fraud since they say up front that they’re fakes, but they are abetting fraud, and that might still be actionable. That’s why I clued the fibbees in. My scribbling friend Richard says that most people just want to see transcripts. When I got a recent copy from my alma mutter, they were almost illegible because of the paper being covered with their logo in the background, and they didn’t put in as much detail about course titles and professors as my old copy did. Now I must find out if they can dig up an old one for me. Arrgghh!

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