Posted by: Green Knight | November 2, 2011

Vive la France Radioactif?

A new study by the Institute for Radiological Protection and Nuclear Safety says that the radioactive materials leaked into the ocean from the Fukushima Daiichi plant disaster back in March is the largest release of its kind to the oceans.  I’m going to need to review the study, as the IRPNS is funded by the French government.  The French conducted atmospheric testing in their Polynesian holdings longer than anybody, until Greenpeace shut that down and they started doing it underground, fracturing the bedrock of the Mururoa atoll and leaking underwater fallout.  French marines illegally boarded a GP boat, the Vega, that was in the fallout zone to stop one of the atmospheric tests back in the early ’70s, and beat the crap out of the crew; the captain, David McTaggart, whom I met once years ago, permanently lost sight in one eye.  A female crew member smuggled a film canister of the beatings out of there in a “secret place,” and the resultant worldwide news footage is what drove them beneath the surface.  All I can think is that they’re trying to divert attention from their own legacy.  I want to see the numbers. Further info here:

More from Wikipedia: “France abandoned nuclear testing in the atmosphere in 1974 and moved testing underground in the midst of intense world pressure which was sparked by the New Zealand Government of the time, which sent two frigates, HMNZS Canterbury and Otago, to the atoll in protest for a nuclear free Pacific. A total of 147 underground nuclear tests were conducted at Mururoa and Fangataufa. Shafts were drilled deep into the volcanic rocks underlying the atolls where nuclear devices were detonated. This practice created much controversy as cracking of the atolls was discovered, resulting in fears that the radioactive material trapped under the atolls would eventually escape and contaminate the surrounding ocean and neighboring atolls. A 1979 test conducted at half the usual depth caused a large submarine landslide on the southwest rim of the atoll.

French president Jacques Chirac’s decision to run a nuclear test series at Mururoa in 1995, just one year before the Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty was to be signed, caused worldwide protest, including an embargo of French wine. These tests were meant to provide the nation with enough data to improve further nuclear technology without needing additional series of tests. The test site at Mururoa was dismantled following France’s last nuclear test to date, detonated on January 27, 1996, but the atoll is still guarded by the French Forces.”  This tells me that they might start up again anytime they feel like it.  Bagel instead of a croissant, anyone?  And I love the Kiwis for being with us, but Wiki doesn’t list the Vega or McTaggart and hearty crew at all.  Kiwi and Wiki, trust me to come up with that one…

I’d also like to compare these numbers, if there are any in the report, with all the nuclear waste that has been dumped in the ocean since the late ’40s by various nations, and all the sunken subs (US and Russian: the Thresher, Scorpion, and Kursk are notable examples).  I’ll never forget a Jacques Cousteau episode from the ’70s where he dived into a dead zone off the California coast and saw hundreds and hundreds of 55-gallon drums of nuclear waste all leaking, and nothing living nearby, and reported it on his show at the time as something evil.  That’s one Frenchman I’d invite to dinner anytime.

I also can’t forget that their secret agents drew first blood by blowing up the Rainbow Warrior, and a Spanish cameraman drowned.  Even Sea Shepherd hasn’t ever harmed anyone; they always give warnings before they ram or blow up a ship.  The French rammed the Vega before boarding and beating, and they snuck on board the RW in harbor in New Zealand and planted bombs.  Just look at the HOLE.  RIP, Fernando Pereira.



  1. What happens in Vegas, doesn’t just stay in Vegas…..

    Ok, now this is getting downright spooky….this is the second article about the Japanese tsunami of March 11, 2011 that I’ve received today. Just this morning I began an article about the huge mass of trash that’s floating in the ocean, composed of the debris from the tsunami, and its detrimental effects on the ocean water and ocean life.

    Co-inky-dink? Maybe..and maybe, we are truly starting to merge consciousness(es), which may just be the only way that we can save the human race from ourselves.

    Thank you for this informative blog post Bob, I’m citing parts of the Bloomberg article for my article.

    Peace out.

  2. I’d originally posted it as happening in April, whoops. It was just close enough to Earth Day that I moved it ahead a month. Of COURSE it’d end up in the great Pacific gyre; where else? Now the challenge is to sort out naturally-occurring bioluminescence from tiny sea creatures playing Pachinko with neutrons. The healthy glow from the other kind. Have fun!

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