Posted by: Green Knight | November 28, 2011

The Pittie and the Pendulum

At a local town in St. Louis County, they’ve passed a new ordinance that no one can own a pit bull after the first of the year.  Ones already living in town will be exempt, or  “grandfathered-in.”  This is an example of what’s called BSL, or “breed-specific legislation.”  First of all, there is no agreed-upon definition on what a pit bull actually IS.  Definitions vary, including the bull terrier, the Staffordshire terrier, the bulldog, and in some places, any dog that “looks” like a pit bull.  Lennox the doggie in Belfast, Northern Ireland is on death row for just looking like one.

Some breeds of dog have been trained by evil owners to fight, or attack, or what have you, and even bred for various characteristics over the years, but it’s more the nurture than the nature.  Just as some humans are psychotic, some individual animals are as well.  Every pit bull I’ve ever known has been a sweetie; I met one at a place I canvassed for Greenpeace back in the early ’80s in Marin County who shared a house with a cool couple, their little kid, their English bulldog, at least one cat and a ferret or two, a parrot, and a tank of tropical fish.  I’ve had a lot more trouble with Chow dogs, and the only time I ever got seriously bitten was by a vicious little miniature collie.  It’s not the breed, folks, it’s the owner.  Lennox has a final reprieve and appeal so far, though: .

Remind me to tell y’all someday how the same municipality in metro St. Louis mishandled a beaver pond situation over ten years ago, despite my wise advice.  Some people just never learn.

   Not the best picture ever taken, but the only one I could find of Lennox.  His eye is reflecting blue instead of red, which is weird, and he looks like he has snow on his head!  Anyhoo, he looks like a sweet guy, and you can see better pics, video and how to help if you go here:  Let’s hope it works.



  1. I think the answer is to screen potentially violent pet OWNERS, to see if they deserve a dog, or any other animal. Once a human is violent they usually remain violent, yet, they are allowed to breed at will, mishandling children and mates, as well as their pets, in the process.

  2. I have weird, weird dreams. I got the title for this one last night; one of those where it’s like you’re looking at a microfiche going by too fast to catch all the words and articles, and i saw “the pit bull and the…” and I flashed on my love of Poe, woke up and wrote it on the marking board next to the bed for the next morning.

  3. The ‘snow’ you see is probably sawdust – the inappropriate bedding material that Lennox has had to endure – he has a skin condition and sawdust only serbes to aggravate it.

    • Yeah, straw would be better, or nice blankies for indoors. We have a thing against cruel and unusual punishment here, though it’s often ignored.

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