Posted by: Green Knight | December 6, 2011

More Aflatoxin, Arrgghh!

I just read on a Dog News Examiner post that there’s another batch, this time of dry puppy food, potentially contaminated with aflatoxin B1, which I’ve written about here before. I am not going to rewrite the encyclopedia this time, just give you all the link. Please share it with every puppy guardian you know.

And I’m nearly done constructing a winter kitty shelter for the ferals next door out of cardboad boxes, Styrofoam, plastic sheeting, and tape. I need to go to the Salvation Army tomorrow to see if I can score some old blankets for cheap. It’s getting cold out there.

Photo courtesy of Sonora Veterinary Group, Tucson, Arizona. Remember, as my friend says, “we domesticated them: we OWE them.”


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